September 19, 2014

Healthy Friday: More and more Vegan

This is no regular Food Friday and I actually wanted to post this on a healthy wednesday, but since I moved to New York almost three weeks ago, things are a bit crazy over here and I barely find time to really embrace myself into blogging! Just so you know, there will be some changes in the next couple of months and I am not sure, if I will be able to post on specific weekdays.

Still, no excuses and I really wanted to share this important fact with you. Well, okay, this is not big news because some of my friends did sense that, but I do eat more and more vegan now. How come? I tried several times last year, but was never able to stick to it for more than a week. And then, something happened to my skin. After my summer in Berlin, I started getting eczema and it was really bad, so bad that my skin turned completely white and dry because I could not resist scratching. I never had it before and after a few check-ups with my doctors and failed treatments with creams, I took the chance and just try it.

Brooklyn, NY

Let's go vegan for 30 days, strict. As you know, I already did tend to more vegan and vegetarian food since I post them in my food friday recipes, so this was actually not that hard for me. But, I have to say, it was very benefical to not stay with my parents and their Vietnamese cooking, therefore I was forced to cook for myself when I spent that month in Berlin. Additonally, I did not consume dairy before, and I could definitely live without cheese. So, the 30 days turned out to be very experimental and at the end very eye-opening. My skin got better and better and it seemed like my eczema was gone.. for good... until life becomes stressful again and your body shows it to you.

Nevertheless, it's been around three months now and I would say that I am still 80% vegan. Why only 80%? Because I do have my exceptions. The very first month was strict, but then later, I figured out for myself that most of the time and especially when I am cooking for me, I can definitely stay vegan. But you know what, there are situations such as birthday parties, having food at home with your parents etc., where I do not ask whether there is egg or milk inside the birthday cake or the spring roll. I would either bring my own food or just eat with my friends and family because I don't want to make a big deal about my lifestyle and we still want to be social, right?! If friends came over to my place, it would totally be all-vegan. And why not back to meat? Not only did my skin turn better, but in general I feel better, too! :) 
So amazed by the COLORS! *.*

Here are some tips to start out with veganism: 

1. Start small, try a day, then a week, 
then a month and if it suits you, keep going 

2. Of course, it helps when you're open-minded 
and want to learn more about this lifestyle  

3. Inform yourself to get the right nutrients and 
also protein from your vegetables and fruits

4. Don't try to convert people, 
always be nice and open, too!

5. You can substitute everything:
cow milk with soy/almond/hemp/flax milk
eggs with soy milk/bananas/other fruits etc.
 cheese with almond butter/ cashew butter

6. Be creative! Look up amazing recipes on the WWW, 
find some of mine here

.. and most of all: don't be too harsh on yourself, this should be about your health and food should be fun and enjoyable!

Happy Experimenting!

September 15, 2014

NYFW // Black Summer

After that afternoon of NY Fashion Week madness, I met up with Yona again later (after my class) to take some outfit shots of ourselves. Since I had to bring my Yoga clothes (yes, I had a yoga class that morning, too), my school stuff and my camera, I had to bring my backpack. It also had to be comfy, so I went with my brand new sneakers and paired them with all black classics. Oh, I did let some of my stuff ship to NY since I was traveling for a month!

That day, I wore one of my favorite shirts I got during my shopping-challenge. I haven't showed you this one yet because I would only wear it when skating. This time, I thought: yeah why not, try something new! It's a very tomboyish look, but I think it comes from all the skating, and also traveling with boys, but you know what? I really like this one. It's black, gold and a touch of burgundy, my favorite fall color.

Where did I buy that shirt you might ask? When I was in Berlin last January, I visited the Funky Summer Shop and Fränky showed me what he has been doing all fall and winter. If he finds time, and there aren't as many customers coming for longboards, he prints t-shirts with silkscreen. You might wanna check it out this year if you happen to be there.

I chose this print because it has a very special meaning to me, I am also very drawn to tree-designs and this one was just perfect. I love how the tree grows out from the longboard, it was love at first sight. The t-shirt is also organic, so I didn't feel too bad about buying this during my challenge. Hope you like it!

Funky Summer T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters Backpack
Topshop Fake Leather Shorts, Nike SB

September 12, 2014

NYFW S/S 2015 // After Rachel Zoe #3

Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three.

This is the final post of the street style series I shot after Rachel Zoe's Show at Soho Grand. If you read my last post, you can tell how excited I was to see familiar and well-known fashion bloggers I adore. In here, you will also find some influential people from the blogosphere!

Love this!

Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Japan.

♥.♥ Aimee Song from Song of Style.

Lovely Boots!
Such a cute couple!
Leslie & Ron Rosenzweig, Rachel Zoe's parents.

Margaret Zhang with a different outfit.

This was actually my second time being in front of a show in New York and hoping for some street style pictures, but two years ago... when this blog was still named differently and when this was mainly about my travels back then (stroll through my archive if you like) I didn't have the right camera to take good pictures and yes, I have to admit, I wasn't as confident enough to ask people to take pictures of them! 

Now, two years, a fashion internship in Berlin, a different blog name and more experience with this later, everything worked out very well on wednesday. Not only did I meet Yona the very first time to hang out, but I also asked Aimee Song, one of my favorite bloggers, for a street style picture! #girlcrush 

I actually met my blogger friend Yona through blogging and as we started talking more and more, I told her that I would be in this city soon! She came with me to the show and took some candid detail shots, check it out here. Thank you for stopping by guys, I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do! 

New ideas are popping up in my mind,
so stay stuned for more stories from the city that never sleeps ♥

Edit: Yes, I took all photos myself. 
If you use one of my pictures, you must specify it and link back to this blog. 

NYFW S/S 2015 // After Rachel Zoe #2

That Alexander Wang Tee *.*
This is #2 of the Street Style madness before and after the Rachel Zoe Spring Fashion Show at Soho Grand. As you can see, I took many many pictures because I was just so overwhelmed about how many people and also well-known bloggers were actually still there in the city. It was almost the end of the shows and I thought: Well, I doubt that there is still a lot going on, but let's check out the spot and just see. Maybe we'll get some lovely street styles..

Love the pop of color here!

Black and Gold, always a go-to.
Matching partners in crime, we ♥ it! 

Rock'n'Roll Neck Party!

More geometry please :)

AND OH MY GOSH, another OMG-moment after Olivia Palermo!, this was supposed to be one of my luckiest days in the city so far! Coming to the place, expecting nothing and then, receiving more than you wanted, was just CRA-A-A-ZY! Although my university schedule was really tough, I made the best out of it and spend a good amount of time there shooting some of my favorite bloggers, getting to know other motivated like-minded ones and you know, just being super excited about everything! It was totally worth it that I came 5minutes late to class ;)

Yes, that day, that moment, I was pretty happy and every single time, when I saw a familiar face I only knew from the worldwideweb, I was like: OMG, I don't know what to do =D All fashionlovers, do you hear me? My inner Me was kind of freaking out, but of course I stayed cool, my outfit totally did it and I wasn't afraid to ask them for some pictures! Also, it was a real pleasure for me to meet and see Susie from Stylebubble again because I did an interview with her last summer for my editorial internship at LesMads, read it here in English, here in German.

Nothing goes better with this colorful outfit than Nike Roshes!

The Overall Master herself, Danielle from WeWoreWhat.

The 3rd and last Street Style Post is coming up 
in the next couple of hours!
See you later ♥