July 24, 2014

MBFW Berlin Outfits Day 1

As you can see, my friend Sandra and I played with the different backgrounds and wanted to see which one is the better fit. Now, reviewing the pictures I couldn't decide either, so here are both options and as the weather was getting hotter and hotter, I put my hair in a bun. Which wall do you think is better? 

Since I got myself new sneakers and decided to keep both of them, I was in a sneaker mood and went for the red Nikes. I kept the rest of the outfit beige, sporty and not too exciting. I got these beige Vintage Shorts ages ago, but they are still one of my summer all time favorites! And then, of course, there has to be a spark of gold somewhere.
UniqLo Linen Blouse, Vintage Shorts, Nike SB, Snash Jewelry

H&M Tube Top, Pants by [w/cmplt], H&M Sandals, 
Leather Handbag by Freygang, Casio Watch, Six Necklace

Sandra, a dear friend from my hometown, who is currently studying fashion design and accompanied myself during Fashionweek, was wearing a more elegant outfit. A color scheme I also love is black, dark green and brown. Isn't it super easy to throw such a lovely outfit together? I guess, black is your best friend forever. The green blazer she is wearing is selfmade, which I already fell in love with when I saw it on her the very first time.

July 23, 2014

MBFW Berlin Day 1: Ethical Fashionshow // Rebekka Ruétz

Yeah, I know, I am two weeks late with all my Berlin fashion week posts, but at this moment, I am superbusy with travel plans and soon I'll let you guys know where I'm actually going! But this week, it's all about the Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015. On the very first day, I made it to the Opening Speech of the Ethical Fashionshow held by actress and founder of Miwai, an eco-fashion store, Inez Bjørg David. She said that Eco-Fashion is indeed becoming Mainstream, so we are on the right path, and also this and the Green Showroom is growing and growing, together we can do this!

Many interesting labels presented their new collections, but also new ways and materials in how to make sustainable fashion. I always love to hear about new eco labels which are not only sustainable, organic, fairtrade and vegan, but fashionable and chic at the same time. Just a few days right before I went to Fashion Week, I was looking for eco skate shoes, and when I typed in: biodegradable shoes.. google recommended us the brand Oat from the Netherlands. 

So here, I met these shoes again: Oats-Shoes that bloom. You really need to check their webpage because they make pretty nice sneakers for the summe. And are they really biodegradable? I did not try it, but what the founders said was that you can bury the shoe in the ground and when time flies by, wildflowers are growing out of the shoe. The seeds are actually hidden in the tongue of the sneaker which is a neat idea, as well.

Strolling through the fair, we noticed OMYBAG and their elegant leather bags. The owner and head designer Paulien Wesselink told us that the leather is coming from India and that they are working closely with a fairtrade organization to ensure the producers a safe, fair and humane working environment. I was thrilled about the young women behind the brand, the female power and the fact that you can actually have a leather bag without guilt, 
it's not only a leather bag, but one with a story behind it. 

Rewrap is the 3rd Dutch Label I've wanted to show you from the Ethical Fashionshow, yes, there were many dutch eco-labels, I guess, they are a bit ahead of us Germans, but anyways. These guys are working after the Cradle-to-Cradle principle, which means that there is always a cycle of ressources and no waste at all. Learn more about this here. Rewrap is making cases for laptops, tablets and phones, but will bring a new product to the market: a bag made out of trees and coconuts. I really liked the shape of the bag but also the unique and timeless design.

Right after the Ethical Fashionfair, I went to the Rebekka Ruétz Spring/Summer 2015 Show and was positively surprised about the new location of the MBFW Tent. This summer every runway show was presented in an ice stadium in Berlin Wedding, therefore it was very close from where I lived.

The collection was mostly dominated by fresh springy colors like mint, yellow, rose and white. And as you can see, the designer is mixing and matching different materials to create a sophisticated but yet feminine look. The fake leather belts are bringing some clear contrasts to the more playful wide pieces. I loved the very first look with the grey-white suit and the several blouses made out of silk. But what about you? Which one do you like best?

P.S.: I apologize for the blurry pictures, but I hope you'll get the looks ;-)

July 15, 2014

Ride into Summer with Funky Summer & Loaded Boards

Did I tell you guys that I am right now doing somewhat of an internship at Fränky's Funky Summer Longboardshop in Berlin? Well, if not, this is actually my last week before I am fully diving into my travel plans :) This internship has been really good because it is totally different from everything I worked with before. But more to these pictures right here: 

Last Friday, July 11th, the Loaded Teamriders Adam Colton, Daniel Fissmer, Ethan Cochard and Lotfi Lamaali took a stop in Berlin during their Europe Tour to skate and hang out with. Although Fränky planned a Best Trick Contest, we played some funny games like 'Bite the Bag' instead. 

It was amazing to meet these guys and to get to know them a bit better. My friends and I had tons of fun and we played and laughed a lot, just like children. Thank you guys for being there and spreading the passion you have for this sport! And also thank you for anyone who stopped by, watched and played with us :)

A big thank you to Fränky who made this terrific get-together
 and event happening, hope you enjoyed it, too ;-)

July 13, 2014

Skydiving at GoJump Berlin Gransee

Hey guys!!! I know this does not really belong to my blog, but I thought, well, why not share those funny pictures. And also, I've wanted to share this craaazy experience with you! So, as you know from my birthday post a year ago, I've got a tandem jump as a present and yesterday was the day! I've arrived at Go Jump-Gransee, an hour away from Berlin, around 10am and the atmosphere there was really relaxed. I wasn't nervous at all because I had a very short night and was rather tired then afraid. Right before we walked to the plane, I was superdupermega excited and happy to do this :)

My tandem-master Phil was also very cool. I guess, he must be when he actually lives in Australia ;-) The weather was at first clear and nice, but turned into grey and rainy, so that we had to turn back down with the plane at 2000m. Another 30minutes passed by and we had our 2nd try, let's do this!!! 

But first, let us take a selfie :)

At 4000m, everything happened so fast. Phil pushed me towards the door and I only saw how the others before us disappeared in the clouds. I had to lean back my head and then.. we jumped off the plane and fell into a big cloud and I felt raindrops or ice hurting my face so badly, I never thought that rain could be this painful!!! Damn, it was like a rain peeling. The pictures are speaking for themselves, yes, I was suffering! After the freefall, I was extremly happy when Phil pulled the parachute and we glided through the air. At that point it was pretty enjoyable and Phil let me direct the parachute and we also did 360° turns :)

Looking back, it was tons of fun and now, I cannot wait to do this again :) and hey, who can tell such a story? :D I fell through rain and it hurt so bad! You should do it, too ;-)